Camping in the SCA

I have always liked Camping and I find camping in the SCA to be especially fun. When I was Chatelaine I was asked to teach an SCA Camping Preparation Class which I quite enjoyed. There are longer, more comprehensive articles available online now, but this hits most of the high points.

I grew up using a modern canvas tent, switched to nylon when I moved away from my parents and then back to canvas for Our Tents. My first tall tent, a Round Umbrella Pavilion, is now almost 15 years old and still making it to two events a year. My partner and I decided that we wanted to have a real bed in our tent and the central pole of the round tent would not accommodate one so we special ordered a Wall Tent from FC Sutlers. We also decided to expand our food group and needed a larger common tent so we got help to put together our Dining Fly. We have had both of these for almost 5 years and we are very happy with them.

I have written a few articles for our Baronial Newsletter about camping: one on What to wear camping and one on Food while camping.

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