Food, Feast and Cooking

I have been fortunate to be asked to cook a number of feasts during my SCA career. I have also been asked if I have any advice for new cooks wanting to run their first feast. So I started writing class notes, and before I knew it I had a 50 page booklet. Just as I was thinking about submitting it to the Complete Anachronist, they published an issue about cooking feasts! So now my own How to Cook a Feast is here. I am really pleased with the Budgeting for Cooks and the Plan for the day sections.

I have also done some research into Food in Northern Europe to fit in with our 1340s themed demo.

We make Bread and Cheese over the fire at the demos and we always receive lots of questions about the recipes so I am including them here. I hope to include other recipes we use at the demo, but I want to be sure we are not violating copyright before posting things.

Sometimes people ask me for suggestions for Quick and Easy things to take to SCA Potluck feasts, so I wrote this article.

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