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When we demonstrate medieval daily life we try to prepare foods that people in England or France in the 1340's would have recognized. Therefore we use ingredients that could be grown or traded for in those places. The bread and cheese recipes are well informed conjecture based on descriptions in existing documents. In the afternoon we cook a roast for our dinner, usually a beef eye of round roast or a pork loin roast. We rub it with olive oil and sea salt and turn it on a spit for a couple of hours.

There are a few surviving cookery books from the fourteenth century, and the recipes from them have been translated into modern English, making them much easier to use! I have included some of our favourites on the left. For each dish I have tried to give a modern name and a medieval name, as well as the name of the ancient cookbook it was found in and the cookbook where you can find another modern version. I have given a modern version that we use at the demonstrations which will likely have some similarity to the cookbook versions.

We use some of these recipes to make our lunches and dinners. We usually make Chicken in Cumin Sauce or Chicken in Onion Sauce for lunch and various sauces for the roast meat for dinner. We also eat the vegetables from the display table cooked up with butter or bacon. Try some of the recipes, I think you will enjoy them!

If you are interested in a list of cookbooks and cooking resources, please check the Bibliography.

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  • Popular Demo Recipes
  • Chicken
    • Chicken in Cumin Sauce
    • Chicken in Onion
  • Sauces
    • Cameline sauce/Sawse Camelyne
    • Green Sauce/Verde Sawse
    • Sharp Pepper Sauce/Pevre Gresse
    • Lumbard Mustard
    • Pink Garlic Sauce
    • Sage Sauce/Saugee
  • Fritters
    • Parsnip fritters/Frytour of Pasternakes [of skirwittes, & of apples]
    • Herb fritters/Frytour of Erbes
    • Tansy cake
  • Vegetables
    • Stewed Cabbage/Caboches in Pottage
    • Buttered Greens /Buttered Wortes
    • Greens Braised with Bacon/Black Porray
  • Vegetarian Dishes
    • Lentil Puree
    • Fried Beans/Benes Yfryed
    • Chickpeas/Chyches
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